Tuesday, October 25, 2005

SDD 331 B - An beng Driver.

Fricking ugly looking ah beng who does not understand road rules at the damm turn into National Stadium.

I hope you buang your car to high tomorrow, get paralyzed cannot screw your gal friend anymore.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

SCP 9715 S - Blue Mercedese

Middle Age Lady (Ugly like shit) driving with a total disregard of Ped Crossing, coming threateningly close to Crossing Peds at a zebra crossing.

Feel free to give her a tight slap for me.

On second thoughts, no violence. ... no violence ... please advise her to drive properly next time.

GW 4025 Z - White Goods Van

Disregard of Peds crossing at traffic lights, coming threateningly close causing Peds to "siam" to avoid accident.

Please if anyone see this driver of a Middle Age Uncle (Looks like a Cheat) driving the above vehc, remind him "gently" to drive properly.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Singapore Hall of Shame

This is the Hall of Shame.

If your vehicle name appears here it means that I have spotted or noticed you, your son or daughter, your maid, your father mother, your grandfather, or your friend driving your car dangerously and have been posing a inconvinence to other road users, peds and cyclist.

To all readers of this blog, please feel free to scretch, let your dog pee, throw a brick on, sledge hammer on any of these cars as they are better off the road. On second thought please do not do the above, as I do not want to be charged under the seditious act for inciting violence against anyone.